Thermoforming Packaging

Choosing the right supplier for your Thermoforming plastic packaging means more than just finding a low price.

Here are some things to consider when selecting a plastic Thermoforming packaging supplier.

Design, Prototyping & Production

The ZOLTECH Packaging can help you :

  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Produce ( FDA Approved Facility )
  • Assemble
  • Package your product.

ZOLTECH Packaging can help you do all of this or just facilitate the design and manufacturing of an individual Thermoforming component.

Custom Thermoforming Packaging in Pennsylvania

Packaging designed with Custom Thermoforming comes in a variety of materials. Such as:

  • Thermoforming PVC
  • HIPS Thermoforming
  • APET Thermoforming
  • RPET Thermoforming
  • HDPE Thermoforming
  • Thermoforming Polypropylene

Vacuum Forming Plastic

Vacuum Forming, also known as Thermoforming is a simple and easy procedure used for the creation of clamshells and other items for the cosmetic industry. Some of the other custom Thermoforming packaging products available are: Display Trays, Inserts, Packaging Inserts and Formed Lids.

Zoltech Packaging’s Thermoforming can be manufactured at an FDA approved and award winning supplier of excellence, facility.

If you need custom Thermoforming packaging let ZOLTECH Packaging help design your next product.

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