FiberBoard & LayerBoard Partitions for Shipping

Protect your valuable cosmetic products when shipping from cuts and punctures with ourĀ LayerBoard Packaging, with top and bottom LayerBoard Material.

Stack the layers of your cosmetic product safely with pain chipboard or pharmaceutical grade LayerBoard Packaging. Using our thin foam interleaving sheets adds further protection to your delicate and expensive cosmetics.

No matter what type of cosmetic packaging materials you need Zoltech Packaging can have it converted to a usable form. Chipboard, Polyethylene Foam, Bubble Wrap and Single Face Corrugated are easily sheeted to your specifications.

Protection with FiberBoard Partitions

Our Fiberboard Partitions are used to protect delicate products as well as any items subject to breakage or damage during shipment. Insure that expensive Cosmetic products such as Lip Gloss and Lipstick items arrive in pristine condition. These Box Partitions or Box Dividers are ideal for product protection.

Fiberboard Partitions can be designed with special features such as V-Notches for easy withdrawal, Corner Cuts, Orientation Notches, Directional Markings plus Top and Bottom Locks.

Smooth wear finish grade materials are available for products likely to scuff or scratch easily.

Zoltech Packaging can design a complete package of protection for your cosmetic packaging using Fiberboard Partitions and LayerBoard Packaging with Foam Sheeting to eliminate any shipping damage to your cosmetics. Contact Zoltech Packaging for a product evaluation today!