Cosmetic Flexible Packaging

Flexable PackagingZOLTECH Packaging is a Packaging Company in Pennsylvania, USA offering Flexible Packaging solutions for cosmetic, confectionery and industrial flexible packaging, covering items from the plastic packaging to food packaging.

Utilizing Solventless Adhesive Lamination with Flexible Packaging

Serving the multiple s.k.u. smaller volume markets with up to 10 color flexographic print capabilities. Our Flexible Packaging utilizes solventless adhesive lamination with precision slitting and finishing capabilities.

ZOLTECH Packaging works with a product development group for material recommendations and testing.

Paper, Film, Foil & Laminate Combinations

We offer a complete range of materials from paper, film, foil and laminate structure combinations for the proper protection and integrity of your products.

ZOLTECH Packaging solutions include:

  •   Film Laminations
  •   Flexible Lamination Packaging
  •   Adhesive Lamination
  •   Narrow Web Converting
  •  Film, Foil, Paper Lamination Printing
  •   Narrow Web Flexible Packaging
  •   Flexible Short Run Packaging
  •   Lidding Film Converting and Printing
  •   Flexible Wiper and Towelette Packaging

From single web lamination solutions to multiple lamination’s, ZOLTECH Packaging can supply all of your Cosmetic, Confectionery & Industrial flexible Packaging requirements. Call us at (570) 891-4902 or e-mail at