Pressure Sensitive Labels

Zoltech Packaging supplies a wide range of Pressure Sensitive labels to help make your product stand out. Your label says everything about your product and without the right design and high quality printing methods your potential customers are likely to look at your competition first.

Pressure Sensitive Labels for Lip Gloss, Blush, Foundation, Pots, Jar, Mascara & LipstickCosmetic Pressure Sensitive labels often come with a special set of requirements. From FDA information regulations to the need for oil and waterproof cosmetic label stocks including clear stocks, we have you covered.


Cosmetic Label Options for your Products

Our Cosmetic Pressure Sensitive Labels can be used on many different products :

  • Clear/No Label Compact Labelling Systems – Many clients prefer the “ no label” clear look for their compacts. We offer a wide array of different clear materials from standard clear to static cling and super clear.
  •  Lip Gloss, Mascara & Lipstick Labels  – From bar coded identification to ingredients listings or just bottom and top labels. A tamper evident shrink band can also be designed to incorporate multiple features.
  • Blush & Foundation Labels – Instructional labels like booklet or multi-layer labels when you need to list an extreme amount of information.
  • Pots & Jar LabellingSpecial die cuts for odd shapes or special effects.
  • Tube labels – For full deco labels to last minute repair needs.

Zoltech Packaging can suggest special materials for your Cosmetic Pressure Sensitive Label components. We can also help with regards to requirements regarding labels.

Foil stamping printing and other special features can be incorporated to highlight your line.

If you need a label applicator machine, we can supply Automatic labeling equipment or provide A labeling service for any cosmetic component, tube or bottle.

Call Zoltech Packaging today to handle the printing of all of your cosmetic labels. Special features can be incorporated to highlight your line. We can be reached at (570) 891-4902 or contact us by email.